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A new contract – CATCH Project

The CATCH project has just announced that we have been selected for the new water butt and rainwater planter contract. We will be delivering and installing water butts all over Norwich in our new electric vehicles. We are are proud to not only help reduce flooding across Norwich but also reduce CO2 emissions.

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Centric Works Norwich

What is the CATCH Project?

The CATCH Project is working with Anglian Water, Broadland District Council and Norwich City Council to find long-term solutions to the problem of surface water flooding in Norwich.

As part of a pilot project, they are offering some households, businesses and schools the chance to install a slow-release water butt or rainwater planter, completely free of charge, with funding from Anglian Water and the Interreg European Union CATCH climate change and flood reduction project.

Slow-release water butts and rainwater planters can help reduce the risk of flooding by slowing the flow of rainfall into sewers and are designed to release the captured water back into the environment. They also have other benefits as they can be used to grow plants and water your garden.

The installations will be made on a first-come-first-served basis across Norwich. Priority will be given to properties in the target areas, but properties outside these areas will also be considered. If you have received a CATCH project leaflet through your door this is because you live in an eligible area.

Click this link to view the map showing the priority areas in Norwich.